My Calorie Tracker


I have struggled to find a calorie tracker that is easy to use, has a good free version, and doesn't trigger any bad feelings towards food, calories, or my weight. My go-to is Lifesum. I do pay for the premium subscription but that is to get access to recipe ideas (full disclosure, I bought the subscription on sale!).

I track my calories, exercise, and water intake with this app and it syncs with Google Fit, Samsung Health, Withings, Runkeeper, and Fitbit.

You can find out what style of eating is right for you by taking a quiz, I am on Lifesum standard because I like not having to follow pre-made meal plans or strict rules.

The calories per day are based on my personal level of fitness, how much I exercise, and my weight loss goals. I try to stay within the macros they provide but *shrugs* I'm not perfect.